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About Us

Alone we are stupid, but together we are retarded.

JeFawk's Spaghettorium logo - an elf lady riding spaghetti in outerspace landing down on a computer near you

We're a game dev team making games together for 8 years.

Our headquarters is JeFawk's Spaghettorium, where every spaghett is his own project swirling in The Big Brain Pasta Bowl of our Milky Wow Metaverse.

We're also stocks and crypto traders. We invested in GME and AMC, we had some losses, we had some profit, and a lot of scary fun. Fuck Wallstreet

Our home is also our office, which means the computer is a few meters away from the bed, we just need to roll out of it and puff, we're fixing bugs and talking to people (though realistically we need decent amounts of coffee β˜• beforehand).

JeFawk's Spaghettorium home office of game development and misc projects

We're very good at communicating and staying in touch. You can always drop by and say hi (link scrolls to bottom) whether you're interested in our projects or not 😊

Our most popular game has been updated constantly for 4 years now with over 170 updates.

Since we're gamers ourselves we constantly bumped into projects being abandoned or canceled (Warhammer Online, WildStar, Rift). We developed an inherit hatred against these practices of companies just closing the door and moving on like nothing happened. This was one of the biggest reasons for us to make our own games set in our own Metaverse.

We like to rant and do stupid shit sometimes, we record it and put it up for the world to see:  JeFawk's Spaghettorium's bullshit on YouTube

Frostnight's unitframe portrait, lead artist at JeFawk's Spaghettorium, writer at Haranutarie, and artist at Frostnight Illustrations

To JeFawk: Can't you just code something?

I'm an illustrator of cute and terrifying things. Fueled by caffeine and beer for nearly a decade, I now bring life to whatever cosmically baffling ideas are birthed by our combined brains πŸ§ πŸ˜“

I've been self-employed at my own company since 2011: painting traditionally, digitally, and writing high fantasy books.

JeFawk's unitframe portrait, lead developer at JeFawk's Spaghettorium

Tomorrow I eat so I can drink today.

I think I'm a quirky guy once you get to know me 🀨😁

I've been making PC games since I was a teenager, so for about 17 years now.

My education along with my work experience and individual projects have boosted my understanding of gaming systems both from a technical and economical perspective.

I've come too far to stop now. LFG!

About the Game

In SkyRanch.Life you play as an outcast banned from the Earthly society inhabiting the overly technologized Terra. The reason for your banishment remains unknown, as you departed for a sudden vacation.

You must find a place to settle while you work your way up the social-sexual ladder, slowly discovering the transgressions you've been accused of while having some much needed fun πŸ˜

Was it the wrong guy in the wrong bed?

Wrong girl in that threesome with a tragic ending?

Financially ruined you must bunker down with some multicosmic strangers as roommates.

Choose a home to rent, furnish it for weird flex points and even weirder activities.

It's time to begin your Outworldly Adventure full of pleasure and mystery.

Click on images for more info, work in progress

One of many Roommates


Content is subject to change.

Throughout all phases

  • Building trust inside and outside the community:
    • Live streams
    • AMA
    • Work in progress videos
    • Community events
    • Following Phase 3, Public Game Testing days will occur
  • Marketing
  • Social presence (marketing, PR, algo boost for larger reach)
  • Marketing research
  • Small batch NFTs as drops or to be minted:
    • Items (held by the player-owned characters and can be used for interactions and quests):
      • Items which can decorate player-owned environments (house, garden, barn, etc)
      • Items which can be used for improving resource gathering
  • Metaverse development (cross-link with our current projects, developing VR projects)

Phase 1

  • Initial game design document
  • 1st generation mint: female Brats
  • Economy development and research
  • Overall development (programming, security, art, story, music, SFX, VO)

Phase 2

  • Staking prototype development
  • Playable Never Far Galactic Bar link to whitepaper
  • Revealing plans for 2nd generation NFTs

Phase 3

  • Staking alpha
  • 2nd generation mint
  • Marketing focus: partnerships inside and outside the blockchain space

Phase 4

  • Staking beta
  • Revealing plans for player-owned environments (House Plots) NFTs

Phase 5

  • House Plots NFTs mint

Phase 6

  • Expanding to other platforms

Our Metaverse

The Universe of Milky Wow is forever expandingβ€”whether with our books, our games, or our art.

Our current projects are deeply entangled with Unreal Engine 5, in particular their VR modules.


SkyRanch.Life is an adult dating game πŸ’˜ set in the Milky Wow Metaverse, located on the Solana Blockchain. It features Roommates as player-owned characters, NFTs.

The goal is to find ways to romance characters, and items if you insist 😏

The 1st generation of Roommates will be attractive female Brats, with a personality to match. Other generations will also increment on different genders, Milky Wow is a pretty big and inclusive place.

Roommates are collectable NFTs which come with your house.

As a dating game the Roommates also have specific perks 😏

You can interact with your roomie, and allow them to interact with specific ... objects πŸ† 🧹🚿 

You can also set up a 3 way date with Strangers: you, your Roommate, and the Stranger. It is useful to have tissues when the story develops so far as a mΓ©nage Γ  trois is highly likely. The Stranger might even decide to join you.

To be announced 😊

We're exploring several blockchain technologies before we decided to make this huge initial mint announcement ✌

We will be using the Solana Blockchain due to it's insane energy efficiency: 1 Solana transaction uses as much electricity as 2 Google Searches (source), and an 8th of a Visa transaction (source).

cRypTo iS DeStroYinG ThE FoREst!
nFtS aRe bUrninG tHe AmAzon!

To be announced πŸ˜…

Our goal is to make it affordable. We thrive on having a passionate community. If you intend on making some quick bucks by flipping, we don't think this project is for you.

The House will be your living space. In it you can interact with your Roommates and with your objects.

Object interaction includes actions which develop the story and also reward you for playing our game πŸ₯°

The House and the objects inside it can be upgraded, modified, customized. We really want you to feel like home...if your home was in a spacetastic corner of Milky Wow.

Do galaxies have corners?

The Ranch is your floating platform plot. Here you can see your House as well as your farming plots, barn, and other buildings.

Your ranch friends 😏 reside here.

Some Ranches have special points of interest such as mines, haunted locations, groves, etc.

The Never Far Galactic Bar is the social area. Here your Roommate can meet other player's roomies.

Roommates can interact and who knows, maybe friendships will be created, all bonded by the Solana Blockchain 😍

Contact us

If you send us advertising or offers we're not interested in, don't be surprised if we don't reply, otherwise expect an answer in 24h ⌚

SkyRanch Life's Discord account handled by JeFawk's Spaghettorium

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