Area 51 Battle Royale

About Area 51 Battle Royale

Area 51 Battle Royale is a free battle royale io game with gameplay similar to PUGB, Fortnite and Apex Legends but with the addition of Aliens and Government forces and it plays directly in your browser!


The main goal of the game is for the player to free Aliens and gain their favor (Reputation) to level up. Leveling up gives you access to other characters to play.

Area 51 Battle Royale game with Alien Bruh character that the player can get at max level
Alien Bruh character awarded by the Aliens

The map is split in 2:

  • The base's yard where small Aliens spawn which give little Reputation
  • Inside the Area 51 Base where larger Aliens appear which give a lot more Reputation

Outside the base

The player spawns by default outside the base under fire from the guards stationed at the border between the yard and inside. A lot of small Aliens appear here waiting to be freed by you. These Aliens don't give much Reputation but the risk of being defeated by the guards is smaller as you can see the bullets flying and dodge.

Inside the Area 51 Base

Anybody can get inside the Area 51 Base by running towards the right side of the map while dodging bullets. At some point a wall of Guards with shotguns and shields will appear. If Approached, the Shielded Guards will try to tackle you, however with a strategy you can bypass them. Either use a character that runs very fast or try to fool the Guards by going in circles for a bit.

Once you get through you're inside Area 51. Here Cops go around trying to capture people that managed to enter so be on the lookout and try to free as many aliens as possible.


Choose from 5 playable characters and find the one that fits your game style the most.


Gets offended fast when no waifu is around and leaves.

This is the default character to play; he runs very fast but he's squishy with only 200 HP (Health Points). This character is great for farming aliens outside the Area 51 base and dodging the bullets.


Requires level 3.

Big but lacks agility because of all the muscles.

The true tanking class: a large health pool but slow. He gets caught by the Police inside the base so going there is not a good strategy.


Requires level 5.

Can go undetected for a short period of time.

The stealth class and one of the best for freeing Aliens inside the base. The Anonymous is not too effective outside because bullets can still kill him even though he is invisible.

Forum Troll

Requires level 7.

Persistent, more resistant to damage, can heal back.

A combination between a tank and a healer, this character can do a great job both outside and inside the Area 51 Base.

Alien Bruh

Requires level 10.

A total unit. Has all the bonuses available.

Once you reach Reputation level 10 the Aliens, very grateful for saving so many of their kind, award you with one of their own. Good job!

This character has all the bonuses: fast, a lot of HP, turns invisible and heals back. He's like a boss on his own.

The only downside is that his size makes him an easier target for bullets, Guards and Cops.


The character runs towards the mouse cursor.


  • Each character is good at something in particular. Play to your strengths.
  • When starting off at level 1 make sure to farm a decent amount outside the base next to the back wall so you get to see the bullets incoming and have enough time to react.
  • If you want to get inside the Area 51 Base make sure to coordinate your attack with other people, at least some of you will get in.


What do you think about Area 51 Battle Royale? Got any suggestions for us? Found any bugs? Send us a message here. This is the most important part of making games - knowing what people like and what they don't. We know your time is short, you can just write one sentence :) thanks!