Salvage Guns

About Salvage Guns

Salvage Guns is a free tank pvp io game that plays in your browser. Smash other people's tanks while upgrading yours! Don't forget to loot their scraps!


In Salvage Guns you take control of a tank and the objective is to kill as many players as you can in this free for all pvp browser game.

Money is acquired by looting Salvage Parts which drop from killing players, killing AI (normal tanks and the boss tank Big Mama), attacking the train, or just picking it up with the truck vehicles.

With the Money currency you buy different vehicles and upgrades, customizing them as you wish. You can choose from the light, very fast but squishy tank, the medium sized default tank or the heavy, slow but sturdy one or maybe you prefer trucks instead.

Tanks are great for shooting and trucks a very good for avoiding damage, however, some require a certain Renown Rank to drive.

Acquiring Salvage Parts gives you Experience as well as currency. When your Experience bar is full you gain a Renown Rank.

Salvage Guns tank io game boss enemy
Normal tank AI and boss AI


The controls are the usual WASD keys or arrow keys and the mouse for aiming.

You can also choose the option to press the keys with the tank going in that direction or steering towards it.

  • Left mouse button - shoots projectiles.


  • Using trucks is an easy way of getting Money and leveling up since trucks can collect Oil Barrels.
  • Attacking the train from far away can get you a lot of Salvage Parts.
  • Collecting Salvage Parts heals you.


User feedback is the best way for us to know what to improve but we realize that your time is very important. A single line reply would be enough and we'd be grateful for it. You can drop us a message here.

Game updates & patch notes

Version 1.2.13

  • Changed font for certain UI elements to make it more readable.
  • Removed the chat from the tank selection menu.
  • Removed the change log because it was a waste of space :(.
  • Fixed an issue with the AI's bullets.
  • Fixed an issue with the AI shooting turrets.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.