Inventory System

For Construct 3

Inventory System for Construct 3

An advanced inventory system featuring:
• Item database using array
• Looting from the World and from containers
• Context menu holding actions that can be done on the items
• Item splitting
• Item drop
• Tooltip system
• Mouse cursor feedback system
• Save and load system
• Easy to add new items, just add a new row and fill up the information (title, description, animation name, etc)

Clean, organized, and well commented code.

Contains extended 1 hour video guide explaining the code.



A quick 3 min video showing the use cases of this system.

Extensive video guide

An 1 hour in depth video guide explaining how the inventory system works and how to add / modify items and code.


• Playable demo

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• Construct 3 Asset Store

• Support contact form

• Support Discord server



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